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Why the fear and loathing on changes to negative gearing?

Changes to negative gearing

There has been wall-to-wall coverage and commentary on proposed changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax (CGT) leaving the average punter dazed and confused.

Does Australia need reform and what impact would currently proposed changes have?

The McKell Institute surveyed 51 of Australia’s leading and most respected economists between 29 February and 2 March 2016, the key results were: more…

Out of trend growth for the sector

Buyer's agent sector growth

We have been quiet of late and wanted to provide a brief update on how we have seen the last 12 months for the buyer’s agent sector.

For the last 5-years Buyers Agent Guide (BAG) has seen steady growth, following a consistent pattern. Over the last 12 months our readership has accelerated, significantly breaking away from the trendline. This can directly be attributed to the increased awareness of and interest in services of the sector.