Out of trend growth for the sector

Buyer's agent sector growth

We have been quiet of late and wanted to provide a brief update on how we have seen the last 12 months for the buyer’s agent sector.

For the last 5-years Buyers Agent Guide (BAG) has seen steady growth, following a consistent pattern. Over the last 12 months our readership has accelerated, significantly breaking away from the trendline. This can directly be attributed to the increased awareness of and interest in services of the sector.

The line share of our followers live in the east coast capital cities of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.  Though we have seen strong growth in other capital cities (Perth lagged other capital cities) and particularly some regional areas.

Also, we have seen out of trend interstate interest for buyer’s agent in both Brisbane and Adelaide, and on the opposite end of the spectrum Darwin and Perth have been flat.

Even with the short testing phase launch of the Clincher beta site, a lot of the briefs we saw come through by house hunters and property investors alike reflected the audience trends we have seen over the last year via BAG. That said we were surprised by the level of interstate investment interest dispersed nationally, which I believe was more a reflection of the capacity and demand in some markets (e.g. the Brisbane market running extremely hot) for the services of buyer’s agents.

Note. The statistics below are based on financial year (July through to June).

Total growth in overall audience

Over the last year (FY2015), BAG has seen our audience increase by 71% on the prior corresponding period. Seasonality has changed slightly as opposed to prior years, reflecting investment sentiment changes, though still largely consistent across 5 years of data.


Growth in international audience

Despite publishing content only in English and not having targeted international markets, BAG saw our international visitation grow by 101% in FY2015. The International share of readership is approximately 15%.

N.B. we have excluded some countries from our figures, due to the propensity of data being from more sophisticated crawlers (India, Russia etc).

Growth in state and territory audience

Queensland was the standout state in terms of audience growth in FY2015, with all other states and territories seeing similar levels of strong growth except Western Australia, which lagged the pack.

Australian Capital Territory            – 57%

Queensland                                       – 83%

New South Wales                              – 62%

Northern Territory                           – 53%

South Australia                                  – 69%

Tasmania                                           – 68%

Victoria                                               – 64%

Western Australia                             – 23%

Growth in interstate interest for Brisbane and Adelaide

In this section, we will highlight two cities that saw significant out of trend interstate interest.

The interest in Brisbane has been well documented through the media and reflected by market demand. Adelaide was a bit of a surprise package and coming off a smaller base than other cities most likely reflects increased interest by investors to research new potential markets, away from the east coast.

Interstate audience with specific focus on Brisbane

Australian Capital Territory            – 133%

New South Wales                              – 194%

South Australia                                  – 100%

Victoria                                               – 56%

Western Australia                             – 108%

Interstate audience with specific focus on Adelaide

New South Wales                              – 174%

Queensland                                       – 83%

South Australia                                  – 96%

Victoria                                               – 55%

If you have any questions or are looking for specific analysis on the sector, I am happy to assist where possible.

About the Author: David is an avid web, finance and property geek who decided to combine these interests and found BAG in his spare time. If you have thoughts, issues or questions you can find him at LinkedIn, Google+ or alternatively drop him an email david at buyersagentguide.com.au

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