How to use Evernote Premium to manage contacts and offline content

This post continues our look at the online service Evernote and how it can assist agents, investors and owners in the property investment market.

As opposed to our earlier posts on Evernote that look at the service’s free features, this post touches on some of the benefits of upgrading to the premium version. The free Evernote service limits your monthly upload usage to 60 MB per month. A premium service is available for USD 5 per month or USD 45 per year which allows you to upload 1,024 MB per month and also features faster word recognition in images, greater security, text searching within PDF files, the ability to take notebooks offline as well as sharing notebooks that can be edited by others.

Note: for instructions on how to install Evernote, see the first post in this series, How to use Evernote for property investing. Our other related posts are How to use Evernote to manage your property search and How to use Evernote to manage your work or property expenses.

Super charge your memory and cut admin time with Evernote Premium

Managing your contacts and capturing business cards

You normally only have to spend a day in the real estate market as an investor or an agent before you have enough business cards to fill a rolodex. This is where Evernote Hello comes in.

Evernote Hello creates a rich, browsable history of individuals, encounters and shared experiences from related information about the people you meet. The service draws on details contained in your calendar, Evernote account, online networks such as LinkedIn and more. You can also quickly link meeting notes, receipts and other items from your Evernote account to a specific contact.

With Evernote’s ability to search words contained in photos, you can quickly set up your contacts by simply snapping their business card with your phone or scanning it in to your computer.

Using Evernote’s optical character recognition (OCR)

Evernote is not just about storing data, it is about efficiently finding and accessing relevant information that you have saved. In the premium version analysing and indexing data is beefed up with even more search power than the generous functionality that is already available to free account holders.

In the above video example of scanning a business card you can see how Evernote’s servers easily analyse an image and extract relevant text. Imagine applying this feature to old property documents you have on file such as conveyancing reports, building inspections, valuations and financing agreements, making them instantly searchable and in turn giving you the ability to quickly audit your property position and identify areas of your portfolio that need attention.

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