Hot suburbs for investment identified by API Magazine

Australian Property Investor Magazine releases its 2013 Hot 100 issue

2013 seems set to be the year of property investment, with economic indicators and housing data having shown positive signs almost across the board for the first quarter.

Hot off the press, API Magazine’s annual Hot 100 list landed in our inbox this morning and includes many valuable insights for property investors. The Hot 100 has been highly anticipated by the real estate industry due to its reputation for providing quality analysis of prime targets for investment over the past few years.

API Magazine uses a range of factors to determine those suburbs and towns that they identify as ‘hotspots’. Key indicators include affordability, forecast population growth and infrastructure development. Read through to the end of this post to see a snapshot of the information that is included for each location profiled in the report.

So which suburbs take the cake? Coming in tied for the top spot are the north east suburbs of Melbourne, Abbotsford and Collingwood. Northern Australia puts in a good showing with several suburbs just outside Darwin slotting into 2nd place.  3rd belongs to Annandale and Leichhardt in New South Wales.

Other insights from this year’s list include 29 areas that have a high number of properties ripe for renovation. A third of the entrants are identified as being suitable for investors seeking positive cash flow, while almost half of the ‘hotspots’ were already experiencing property price growth in what was, broadly speaking, an extremely flat 2012.

There are  also signs of a renewed focus on investment in cities, as observed by API deputy editor Shannon Molloy:

We’ve noticed a shift back towards metropolitan areas when it comes to investment potential compared to previous years, with 65 per cent of Hot 100 entries being within 30 kilometres of a capital city

As ever, it is important for investors to conduct thorough research and consider investing in locations with the greatest potential for growth, even when these may be far from home. Using a buyer’s agent is the best way to ensure an efficient and successful property transaction in a part of the country that you may not be familiar with.

Your buyer’s agent will have access to the full API report and should have conducted a thorough review of its contents, providing a good foundation for their advising you in your property purchase. If you are a buyer seeking to invest during 2013, contacting an agent who has reviewed the API Hot 100 and uses a range of data analysis tools will simplify the process of identifying which suburbs and towns have the best investment outlook.

For a full copy of the Hot 100 report, contact API Magazine or pick up a print version of their May 2013 issue, out now and available at any quality news outlet.

Sneak peek: a look inside what’s included in this year’s API Hot 100

Readers of the report will find comprehensive information in a compact and easy to digest format:

Sneak peek: a look inside the API Hot 100

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