Clincher: a new service connecting property buyers with buyer’s agents


Buyers Agent Guide would like to introduce you to our new sister site, Clincher.

Clincher promotes the expertise of agents, saving buyers time by acting as a matchmaker between them and agents specialised in specific locations and property types. The site was developed in response to increasing demand for buyers agent recommendations from visitors to Buyers Agent Guide. Clincher wants to see more people get a buyer agent’s help to clinch a great deal.

If you are a buyer’s agent or advocate and want to be added to the database of independent, Australian­licensed buyer’s agents then visit to complete your profile and increase the chances of being matched with buyers looking for property in your area.

Why Clincher?

Home buyers are often unaware of the existence and value of buyer’s agents, and are sometimes overwhelmed by the task of finding a suitable agent. Clincher aims to promote the benefits of professional property buying assistance and offer a low-effort, low-risk method of contacting agents that is open to buyers 24/7. Clincher’s commitment to its members is to reduce their legwork in finding the right buyer’s agent and to protect their information.

Clincher reduces agents’ up front investment by eliminating the work required to prepare a property search brief and providing a simple mechanism for agents to perform cost/benefit analysis for each brief.

How does it work?

The buyer completes Clincher’s questionnaire about the services they are seeking and the type of property they are looking for, providing specifications, location, amenities and price range.

The buyer’s property brief is compared against Clincher’s database of independent, Australian-licensed home finders to identify agents with expertise relevant to the buyer’s circumstances. The three best-matched agents will receive the property brief – without identifying information – and accept or decline it.

How does Clincher make money?

Clincher is a free service for home buyers and property investors. The site is currently in beta and is a free service to buyer’s agents at this point in time.

Want to know more?

Clincher aims to build trust with users by operating in an open and transparent manner. The team will happily respond to questions about pricing, privacy policies and how the service works. Visit to learn more or email [email protected]

Clincher welcomes feedback from buyer’s agents on any matter.

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