How to check if a buyer’s agent is licensed?

Buyer's agent licence

When engaging the services of a buyer’s agent you should ensure they, or the buyer’s agency, are licensed to act on your behalf in the state or territory you are purchasing property in. There are different licensing requirements in all states and territories, and there have been instances of agents acting outside legislation by representing buyer’s in jurisdictions where they don’t hold a licence.

Not to reinvent the wheel on the topic the president of REBAA Jacque Parker has previously covered the topic in an article on Property Observer.

Find below a quick cheat list of links I use when checking licenses.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

In ACT a buyer’s agent must hold a real estate agent’s licence or registration as an agent’s representative.

Canberra real estate licence check

Queensland (QLD)

To act as a buyers’ agent in QLD you must be registered (hold a registration certificate and be employed in a real estate agency) or licensed if you are the business manager or owner.

QLD real estate licence check

New South Wales (NSW)

You require a full real estate licence in NSW.  However a licence holder who wishes to act solely as a buyer’s agent may have a condition placed on their licence noting that they may only act as a buyer’s agent.

NSW real estate licence check

Northern Territory (NT)

Within NT a buyer’s agent must hold a real estate agent’s licence or registration as an agent’s representative.

There is no online search available however you can conduct a check of the public register over the phone.

NT real estate licence check

South Australia (SA)

In SA you can gain registration and work as a buyer’s agent representative for a fully licensed agent, or alternatively hold a full licence to act as a buyers agent.

SA real estate licence check  [Link under maintenance at time of posting.]

See also here

Tasmania (TAS)

Buyer’s agents are required to be registered like a vendor real estate agent within TAS.

There is no online search available however contact details for the registrar can be found here.

Tasmania real estate licence check

Victoria (VIC)

Buyer’s agents must hold a real estate agent’s licence or be a licensed agent’s representative within VIC.

VIC real estate licence check

See also here

Western Australia (WA)

Within WA to act as buyers agent you are required to be registered or licensed.

WA real estate licence check 

See here for detailed information on agent requirements in WA.

Mutual recognition real estate agent licence

Most states offer mutual recognition for individuals that hold an equivalent licence or registration in another Australian state or territory. This can also extend to licensed agents from New Zealand.

Before an agent can rely on mutual recognition to work interstate they must have first submitted an application and been issued with a temporary licence, which in time is issued as a full licence.

Side note for buyer’s agents – I highly recommend publicizing your real estate licence details prominently on your website. Having it front and center reinforces your credibility and distances you from property investment spruikers.


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