Why use MailChimp?


This post continues our series on online tools that make buyer’s agents lives easier and help to minimise time spent managing their business.

I am constantly surprised by the poor quality of email communications that I receive from buyer’s agents (and real estate agents too). Unsatisfying newsletters are typically sent by sole traders or boutique agencies who do not have either time or skills to develop a professional newsletter. People in this situation often believe that email marketing tools are out of their price range.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Several email marketing tools (MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact) are very affordable and user friendly, and well suited for use in a buyer’s agency. (more…)

Freebie: property portfolio health check

Property portfolio health check

Here’s a nifty resource for property investors. HSBC and Property Observer have partnered up to produce a free ebook to ring in the new financial year.

We all understand the need to keep a close eye on the performance of our investments year-round. Despite this, it’s easy for the regular check-up to fall off the top of the to-do list. (more…)

How to use Evernote to manage your work or property expenses

This post continues our look at the online service Evernote and how it can assist agents, investors and owners in their property expense management.

As a property investor or agent it only takes one trip to the local hardware store and a few meetings before you are swimming in a paper trail of receipts and expense claims. For a big believer in minimalism such as myself, or perhaps more honestly as someone who just has a tendency to forget where he left all his receipts and invoices, Evernote provides a great solution for capturing not only property but work expenses on the go. (more…)

How to use Evernote to manage your property search

This post continues our look at the online service Evernote and how it can assist agents, investors and owners in their property search.

The ability to reference and manage my articles, notes and photos on the go from any device is the most invaluable benefit Evernote provides me with. Previously I would search through my browser bookmarks for properties I was interested in, followed by the exhausting process of then filtering through spread sheets and documents to collate associated material that I wanted to follow up on either prior to, during or after a property inspection. (more…)

How to use Evernote for property investing

This is the second post in a series where we look at how online tools can assist agents, investors and owners in their property search.

There is a plethora of online tools and services currently on offer that target the requirements of property investors and agents alike. Unfortunately however these are predominately angled towards the analytics side of the real estate market or carry a hefty price tag outside the financial capacity of anyone but larger agencies. Today we thought we would change this by introducing you to our most used investment tool that is completely free*. (more…)

Best property seminars for home buying and investing in Australia

The best investors are those who know they can never know it all – and continue to quench their thirst for new knowledge

Many of our readers have expressed interest in attending workshops to help them understand the property market and make more strategic decisions when it comes to investing or buying a home. With deep industry knowledge and a strong interest in helping their clients to become successful property investors, buyer’s agents are perfectly positioned to provide insights and develop your skills. (more…)

Financial considerations of buying a home or investment property

6 steps to property buying success: the essential guide for home buyers and property investors

Using a buyer’s agent is a good start in reducing stress when buying a property. Our Buyers Agent Guide series 6 steps to property buying success makes understanding and completing the transaction even easier.

In our previous article we laid the groundwork for beginning your property search with exercises to help you understand your needs and (more…)

Free Property Investment Fundamentals Webinar

The BAG Team has come across a great opportunity for those in the market for an investment property to join a free Webinar, hosted by the REIQ Buyers Agent of the Year 2011, Liz Wilcox (Managing Director – Hot Property Specialists Buyers Agency) and Kevin Turner (4BC, Realestatetalk.com.au).

The details are as follows:

Date – 17th November 2011
Start Time – 6:00pm EST
Duration – approx. 30 minutes

For more information and to register please visit http://www.hotpropertyspecialists.com.au/event/event/detail/event/14009