Clincher: a new service connecting property buyers with buyer’s agents


Buyers Agent Guide would like to introduce you to our new sister site, Clincher.

Clincher promotes the expertise of agents, saving buyers time by acting as a matchmaker between them and agents specialised in specific locations and property types. The site was developed in response to increasing demand for buyers agent recommendations from visitors to Buyers Agent Guide. Clincher wants to see more people get a buyer agent’s help to clinch a great deal.

If you are a buyer’s agent or advocate and want to be added to the database of independent, Australian­licensed buyer’s agents then visit to complete your profile and increase the chances of being matched with buyers looking for property in your area. (more…)

How to check if a buyer’s agent is licensed?

Buyer's agent licence

When engaging the services of a buyer’s agent you should ensure they, or the buyer’s agency, are licensed to act on your behalf in the state or territory you are purchasing property in. There are different licensing requirements in all states and territories, and there have been instances of agents acting outside legislation by representing buyer’s in jurisdictions where they don’t hold a licence. (more…)

Value of a vendor advocate

Vendor adovate

Buyer’s agents offering vendor advocacy services have become far more widespread, particularly in Melbourne. A vendor advocate is an independent agent who acts on the behalf of the seller of a property, predominately to advise on which real estate agent should be used to market a property, and to hold the agent accountable.


Buyer’s agents who have appeared on The Block TV series

buyer's agent Frank Valentic

One of the most common enquiries I receive is about which buyer’s agents (referred to as buyer’s advocates in Victoria) have bid on properties on the Channel 9 television show, The Block.

Unfortunately frequent work travel means I’m not a close follower of the show, however I thought a post on which buyer’s agents (to the best of my knowledge) have appeared at the Block auctions might be helpful to fans.


Buyer’s agent of the year awards

Are you a prospective client looking for an awarded buyer’s agent? Or perhaps you are an agency wanting to demonstrate your value above and beyond client reviews and testimonials? This post highlights some of the current industry awards up for grabs and lists recent winners.

Annually Real Estate Institutes across Australia conduct an Awards for Excellence event that celebrates the achievements of real estate professionals within their region. (more…)