Value of a vendor advocate

Vendor adovate

Buyer’s agents offering vendor advocacy services have become far more widespread, particularly in Melbourne. A vendor advocate is an independent agent who acts on the behalf of the seller of a property, predominately to advise on which real estate agent should be used to market a property, and to hold the agent accountable.


How to refer to a buyer’s agent – part 3

Are you a buyer agent, Buyer’s agent, buyers broker or even a Buyers Advocate? Then this series is here to help you better understand how to properly refer to yourself on a business card, your website, in your email signature and in other communications.

The previous posts in this 3 part series covered the application of grammar and style when writing about buyer’s agents. Here we discuss inconsistency in professional titles for buyer’s agents. Should you stick to this title or consider some of the other options such as buyer’s advocate? (more…)

How to get the best out of your buyer’s agent

Tips for getting the most from your buyer’s agent experience

Lately there has been an increase in the number of people contacting us here at Buyers Agent Guide who are looking to use a buyer’s agent for the first time. With the advent of buyer’s agents being relatively recent in the real estate industry, many of those who are new to this service may be unsure of what expectations they can have when using a specialist to help find the right property.

A good buyer’s agent can be even more effective in helping with your property purchase if you know what to expect from them. (more…)

What formal requirements are there to be a Buyers Agent

It is essential before engaging the services of a Buyers Agent to confirm they are licensed or authorised to deal in property.