Residential Property Investor

Looking to purchase an invesment property? Have you factored in any of the following:

– rental rates and vacancy

– economic trends

– demographic trends

– infrastructure access

– building/land development regulation and potential

If you are serious about an investment in property either for rental income or capital growth a buyers agent will help you identify properties that have capital growth potential and are a high yielding investment.

One of the often overlooked factors when using a buyers agent to purchase an investment property is the cost and fees associated with using an agent are typically tax deductable. You should check with your accountant what portion will be deductable, however as a rule of thumb if you purchase to property to live in the fees will not be tax deductible.

Investors who use a buyers’agents range from first time property investors to those who have ten plus properties within their portfolio. The range of services used depend on the investor, with some opting for full service and others using the agent to purely aid in the price negotiation.