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Sydney Property Market Update (As at March 2013)

In positive signs buyer activity in Sydney is on the increase, however the prestige end of the market is still in a stagnant state.

Figures released by the ABS in November 2012 (the latest available at the time of writing) showed the highest level of monthly loan approvals of the previous five years. Unfortunately this was countered by first home buyer statistics – FHB loans were the lowest in 20 years. This is seen as an after effect of the surge in demand from these buyers towards the end of 2011 and through to 2012. These fluctuations have been heavily influenced by the timing of changes to incentive programs in New South Wales.

Sydney retains the highest capital city median house and unit price and, on house prices at least, is closely followed by Darwin (see figure 1).

Figure 1 – Median house and unit prices (3 months to February 2013)

At 4.2% as of February 2013, Sydney investment yields on houses are lower than all other capital city markets with the exception of Melbourne. The rental yield of units is also in the bottom three of capital cities at 4.9%.

On the up side Sydney property values have seen positive growth since June 2012, with property values increasing by 2.7% (see figure 2) over the year from March 2012 to February 2013. This was more than double the capital city benchmark of 1.3% for the period. House values increased by 2.2% and unit values grew 4.7%.

Figure 2 – Annual change in capital city property values

During the second half of 2012 property sales in Sydney were 15% higher than first half. Although this indicates a return of demand for property, yearly sales were still a long way shy of the rolling five year average, missing the mark by 14.1%. RP Data estimated that there were 407,000 in the last half of 2012, representing a decrease of 12.3% when compared to 2011 sales.

Figure 3 – Decline in property values from their peak (to February 2013)

Figure 4 – Average annual change in property values (past 5 years to February 2013)