Buyer’s agents who have appeared on The Block TV series

buyer's agent Frank Valentic

One of the most common enquiries I receive is about which buyer’s agents (referred to as buyer’s advocates in Victoria) have bid on properties on the Channel 9 television show, The Block.

Unfortunately frequent work travel means I’m not a close follower of the show, however I thought a post on which buyer’s agents (to the best of my knowledge) have appeared at the Block auctions might be helpful to fans.

Frank Valentic – Advantage Property Consulting

Five appearances on the block.

Glasshouse – Season 9 (former office building in Prahran, Victoria)

  • Jenna and Chris’s apartment for an investor
  • Simon and Shannon’s apartment for an investor (won auction)
  • Maxine and Karsten’s apartment for an investor

Fans vs. Faves – Season 8 (brick warehouse in Albert Park, Victoria)

  • Brad and Dale’s apartment for an investor
  • Alisa and Lysandra’s apartment for an investor
  • Kyal and Kara’s apartment for an owner-occupier
  • Steve and Chantelle’s apartment for prior owner-occupier (won auction)

Sky High – Season 7 (apartment block in South Melbourne)

  • Alisa and Lysandra’s apartment for an owner-occupier
  • Madi and Jarrod’s apartment for an owner-occupier
  • Bec and George’s apartment for an owner-occupier
  • Johnno and Trixie’s for an owner-occupier
  • Matt and Kim’s for an owner-occupier (won auction)

The Block 2011 – Season 4 (four separate cottages)

  • Polly and Waz’s house for an investor (won auction)

Jenni Wright – Domain Property Advocates

Glasshouse – Season 9

  • Jenna and Chris’s apartment (won auction)

Nicole Jacobs – Jacobs Buyer Advocates

Bid in 3 series.

Glasshouse – Season 9

Bid on 3 apartments.

Fans vs. Faves – Season 8

  • Alisa and Lysandra’s apartment (won auction)

Tracey Chandler – Tracey Chandlers Buyers Agent

All Stars – Season 6

  • Dani and Dan’s property (won auction)

Simon Cohen – CohenHandler

All Stars – Season 6

Mark and Duncan’s property (won auction)

Other agents that appeared on Season 6 were:

  • SydneySlice;
  • Rose and Jones; and
  • Sydney Property Finders.

Undoubtedly there are more buyer’s agents that have bid or appeared, however this list reflects the extent of my knowledge. If you are an agent that has appeared on the show, get in touch and I will happily update this post to include you.

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