How to use buyer’s agent reviews and testimonials

Are you getting the best mileage out of happy clients’ willingness to share their buyer’s agent experience?

Lately I have been inundated with requests for reviews and testimonials of buyer’s agents. This has prompted me to reflect on the quality of content I have come across regarding the Australian market.

Having viewed the majority of buyer’s agent websites in the Australian market, I have observed a remarkable difference in both the number and quality of testimonials from site to site. This is surprising given that, for prospective clients, this kind of information is at the top of the list with fee structures when choosing a buyer’s agent.

As it stands the market is polarised between those who provide insubstantial reviews (or nothing at all) and impressive operators who embrace youtube and similar platforms to share in depth testimonials.

With limited incentive to review your performance as a buyer’s agent, a quality testimonial speaks volumes for the client’s satisfaction with the service they received. This goes a long way in demonstrating your value and an unbiased voice can establish trust with others who are considering the benefits of using a buyer’s agent.

When deciding which testimonials to publish it is important to think about a couple of key areas. While brevity is essential to keeping content readable, there is a risk that sticking to a one line formula may fail to achieve your objective, potentially even to the point of detriment.

Providing greater detail helps you to connect with potential clients and can show what sets you apart from other service providers. Whilst comments such as “Joe from Buyer’s Agency was great” do convey a positive message, this can be interpreted as “Joe was a nice person but his abilities aren’t worth mentioning”.

Additional information alleviates this potential risk. In the following example, potential clients gain a better understanding of the agent’s characteristics, helping them to make an informed decision about whether the agent is suitable to their needs.

“I was an expat requiring help with my family’s relocation to Sydney. I had limited knowledge of the Sydney property market and after an exorbitant amount of research seemed no closer to establishing which areas would meet the needs of my young family.

In the space of two weeks Joe was able to establish our requirements and narrow our search by providing us with up to date market insights and reports. Even working within the confines of a tight timeframe Joe managed to address all of our concerns and conducted endless inspections to identify three properties that met our needs perfectly. He also assisted in negotiating an outstanding price for us.

I can’t recommend Joe highly enough and will certainly engage his services for future property investments.

Mr Smith (Sydney, Australia)”

Although a client’s privacy must always be safeguarded, as you can see the right level of detail will go a long way to establishing your credentials and expertise. You can also convey the potential benefits of using a buyers agent to visitors in similar situations.

If you are a buyer’s agent in the Australian market and have testimonials or even detailed case studies that you wish to provide to the audience of our site, please don’t hesitate to send them through.

Examples of agents that have gone to the lengths of providing youtube testimonials and other quality content can be found below.

[At the time of posting this content was available]

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  1. I agree on the value of testimonials. We get so much referal based work more than anything but our testimonials on our home page has certainly generated new clients, especially companies with employees relocating and interstate & overseas buyers. Recently we have helped some celebraties, however due to confidentiality agreements unfortunately we can’t post information that would refer to these individuals! Great article

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