What to look for in your Buyer’s Agent

Before engaging the services of a Buyers Agent you should ask a few questions. Some typical questions are:

–         Is the Buyers Agent a fully licensed real estate agent?

–         How many years experience have they had as a Buyer’s Agent?

–         Have they previously been a real estate agent, and for how long?

–         Are they are member of a Buyer’s Agent association?

–         Do they spend all their time representing Buyers?

–         Do they ever list properties for sale?

–         Do they represent that they receive no financial benefits from any seller or real estate agent at any time?

–         What areas do they specialise in?

–         What price range do they predominantly work in?

–         Do they insert a blanket clause stating that they will receive a commission on any home purchase? If so for what areas and how long?

–         Do they accept commissions/fees from any vendors, developers or service providers? If so, how does the arrangement work?

–         Do they charge a percentage based commission? If so are they willing to come to terms on a fixed fee?

–         Do they carry Professional Indemnity Insurance? If so, for how much?

–         Do they have an office and how many employees are employed?

–         Can they provide you references from prior clients?

–         Are they already representing clients with the same brief as you i.e. same property type, region? How do they plan to manage this situation if so?