6 steps to property buying success

Which way to property success?

The essential guide for home buyers and property investors

When making an investment in property a few simple steps can help buyers to avoid mistakes or oversights and successfully complete their purchase.

Using a buyer’s agent is a good start in reducing stress in the home buying process, and the tips included in our Buyers Agent Guide series 6 steps to property buying success make understanding and completing the transaction even easier. Packed with simple exercises and useful tools, this guide is designed to be useful to property buyers of all shapes and sizes.

Part one – investment planning and property research

In part one of this series we provide practical, easy to follow guidance for buyers in a simple ‘how to’ for planning and researching your home or investment property.

Part two – financial considerations of buying a home or investment property

In part two buyers will find a free property budget planner available for download as well as discussion on some of the often overlooked financial implications of buying a home or investment property.

Coming soon: part three on the legal issues to be aware of when purchasing a property.

About the Author: Kristin is a freelance writer and property investor from Brisbane, Australia. You can view Kristin's other projects or contact her at LinkedIn or Google+. If you have any topics that you would like to see covered on this blog, please email blog at buyersagentguide.com.au

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