Commercial Buyers Agent

I have been approached quite often of late by visitors who are looking to be a commercial property buyer, and wanting to use the services of a commercial property buyers agent.

The reality is that most Buyers agents in metropolitan areas will have experience in both residential and commercial purchases bringing the same level of in market expertise to evaluate your potential commercial property purchase as they do for residential. Typically the service offerings are in line with that of residential e.g. full service where the buyers agent will identify, evaluate and negotiate the property purchase, or alternatively due diligence to give the buyer comfort in the purchase.

Whilst a commercial buyers agent can specialise in a commercial property type, those listed on this site will typically focus on industrial, retail and strata office opportunities. Land development and hotels can also be catered for however there are perhaps more tailored opportunities out there in regards to these property types.

So if you are a commercial property buyer and looking to engage the services of a commercial property buyers agent I would recommend browsing the agents currently listed in the area you are interested and drop them a quick message asking as to their experience with commercial property purchases.

Over the coming months I will develop some commercial property specific tips and guides.

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