Expats and foreign buyers

A buyer’s agent can take the guess work out of buying property from outside Australia

Investors located outside Australia do not have easy access to important details that influence a real estate purchasing decision. Trends, recent changes to regulation or the economic environment, pricing norms and localised data are not readily available. Reputable buyers’ agents use their in depth knowledge of local property markets, relevant legislation and access to finance to help buyers make informed decisions.

There are many circumstances where a buyer may seek to purchase real estate in Australia from abroad. Whether you are emigrating to Australia, a foreign investor wanting to take advantage of the strong property market or an Aussie expat living abroad, having trusted advisers is imperative to making sound investment decisions. Ultimately, a buyer’s agent will smooth the path to buying property, reducing hassle and stress for the investor.

A buyer’s agent can assist investors in overcoming the logistical challenges inherent in international property transactions. With technology developments over the past few decades it has become easy to transmit information and prepare documentation from a distance. After finding an agent you trust, they are able to easily convey necessary details to you and conduct activities on your behalf, even to the extent of a virtual property inspection. They will also help to comply with legal requirements, providing assurance to the investor. It is possible to securely purchase a property without ever needing to set foot in Australia.

Rules relating to non resident buyers of real estate have recently been amended by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), so please consult their site or you buyer’s agent for further details. There may be an application process required prior to your investment.

As a general rule, investors in the following categories are not required to submit an application:

– Australian citizens living abroad
– spouses of Australian citizens when jointly purchasing residential real estate
– holders of New Zealand citizenship purchasing residential property or
– holders of a permanent resident visa for Australia purchasing residential property

There are further exemptions to these requirements that are covered on the FIRB website.

A buyer’s agent will smooth the process of finding and transacting the right property for you, whether it be from a distant locale or after your arrival in country. Visit our directory page to find listings for qualified buyers’ agents in your location of interest.